Introduction to the MisfitSwap Ecosystem.

Well, if you wake up dragging your feet to work or school, or feeling drained and unmotivated, we feel that it's time that you sit down and enjoy all the musics that you love.

MisfitSwap provides an unrivalled decentralised yield farming experience to earn tokens and the first in industry to be able to purchase music.

We understand that musicians are having it hard during this trying pandemic time where gigs/shows are cancelled. Therefore, we have agreed to bring some musicians onboard with us to be able to sell their musics on our Musicplace. 80%* of the sales goes directly towards the musicians themselves! While the remaining pie is used to maintain our wonderful role on marketing and funding this platform.

Come on show some support to our dearest friends and musicians!

*subjected to changes, will be notified and shared with our community in advance.